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15,99 EUR*
Details Pilates for Weight Loss: The Fast, Effective Way to Change Your Body Shape for Good (Weight Loss Series)

A 2006 study stated that 'Fat loss comes from burning sufficient number of calories. While cardio exercise tends to be an efficient calorie burner, Pilates appears to possess the potential to burn enough calories if done regularly, over the long haul ...

14,00 EUR*
Details Yoga for Weight Loss

Human body is in a constant and dynamic state of equilibrium or homeostasis which is maintained by balancing the internal environment i.e., interactions between cells, tissues, organs and systems and reacting to external environment. Regular exercises ...

13,09 EUR*
Details Your Body, Your Life, Yourself: Knowledge Is Power

With all of the latest and greatest diets, pills, and exercise programs dominating a multi-billion dollar weight loss industry, have you ever wondered why the United States of America is still among the fattest and most unhealthy countries in the ...